Attack Life With Confidence & Ferociousness 

Warriorbreed was created in response to the progressive demise of the alpha male and the near extinction of warriors in today's society. Our plan of action is to build confident men that are battle ready for all aspects of the game of life.  


Our warrior development program is engineered specifically to transform businessmen, entrepreneurs and warrior minded men into modern day warriors. The program is structured via online step by step courses, webinars, 5 day retreats known as “Assembly of Warriors” and the "Conclave of Knights" Brotherhood Network. 


"A Modern Day Warrior is defined as a battle ready man who lives by an exemplerary code of conduct,

who embraces courage, compassion and discipline and who strives for the betterment of himself so he 

may be a transcendent protector, husband, father and leader." 


-Rafa Conde 




Online Training Elements Brought to You Weekly Via Step by Step Video Lessons. 


Push your family and business life to the next level. Control your dominion by being an inspiring leader. Lead from the front and have others follow you. Develop a tribe that is dedicated to your vision. Be the husband, father and luminary that transcends all aspects of your life. 



Dive into the heart of a warrior. Hone your combative and tactical skills. Learn hand to hand combat, edge weapons and the handgun.   Defend yourself and your family from violent attacks such as muggings, robberies, carjackings, active shooter incidents and much more.


 Shift your mindset to give you confidence, awareness, positivity, courage and centeredness. Weed out negative thinking and develop positivity. Change the way you approach life and increase your awareness to a level you have never experienced before.



World Renowned Federal Agent who infiltrated the Hell's Angels,

NYT Best Selling Author of "No Angel" and his new release "Catching Fire"

Global Keynote Speaker

" Rafa is that Man that you want walking by your side when it's time to head down that dark alley."


Purple Heart Recipient, TEDx Speaker and Author of "The Beauty of a Darker Soul."

"Rafa is a man who knows very much of what he speaks. He leads by example and his wealth of experience makes him uniquely qualified in the warrior mindset, skills and ethos required to live a warrior life."


Founding Athlete CrossFit, Retired DEA S/A, Best Selling Author Fire Breather Fitness, Krav Maga Expert, Keynote Speaker

"Rafa is an embodiment of the true modern day warrior. He is an inspiration to me, and thousands of other of others, who intend to integrate their mind, body and spirit, to be greater service to this world."


Purple Heart Recipient

Retired Navy SEAL, Motivational Speaker

NYT Best Selling Author

 ''Rafa Conde is on a personal quest to grow men into the warriors they are meant to be.  Not warriors defined only by violence or physical feats but warriors defined by leadership and a warrior overcome mindset.  Rafa is laser focused on growing the next generation of leaders and protectors.'''

Rafa Conde

Founder/Creator Warriorbreed/Man of War

Assembly of Warriors

"Building a Brotherhood Through the Forging of Men"

Assembly of Warriors is an immersive 5 day transformational camp that is designed to forge men from the inside out. This retreat is divided between learning and challenge blocks of training. Men are pushed beyond their self imposed limits and shown how to apply what they have learned in real world scenarios. This is a highly popular camp that is conducted in undisclosed locations. 

Check out the Man of War Podcast

In this motivational series our focus is to forge men into warriors. Learn warrior-hacks that strengthen your mindset, confidence, courage and defensive tactics on your way to creating a life that embodies the warrior's spirit. Internationally recognized combatives expert, entrepreneur and decorated law enforcement officer Rafa Conde interviews elite men from around the globe delving deep into their mindset and daily rituals uncovering the secrets that will empower you to live a battle ready life.


Listen to the Podcast Here


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