WARDEV-Warrior Development Online  Training Program


The Warrior Development Program is designed to forge men into modern day warriors. The program consists of three elements. Each element teaches you the key components to achieving a battle ready life that embodies the warrior spirit. After a few lessons and of course implementation in your daily life you will quickly feel a surge in confidence and self discipline. The goal is a total transformation of the mind, body and spirit. This program is offered through weekly online step by step instructional videos, private webinars and special Q&A sessions. Once you learn the core components of each element you will recieve ongoing training to advance your development. As a WDP member you will recieve special benefits and opportunities such as Q&A sessions and one on one coaching blocs.


Arm yourself with knowledge and practical preparation to protect yourself and your family. Win against hyper violent attacks, survive active shooter incidents, adapt and overcome stressful situations, create family emergency plans, practical combat fitness, de-escalate verbal altercations and much more...

  • 360 Awareness
  • Active Shooter Tactics
  • Car Jacking Defense
  • Home Invasion Tactics 
  • Car Jacking Defense
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Adaptibility
  • Edge Weapon Survival
  • Combat Fitness
  • Field Tactical First Aid
  • Handgun Combatives
  • Exit and Entry Strategies
  • Room Clearing
  • Fighting Spirit
  • and...Much More



Cut through the unessentials and focus on what it takes to take dominion of your private and business life. Learn to achieve a level of leadership that will inspire and motivate people around you. Fuel yourself with the confidence and vigor to lead your family from the front. Be the father, husband and luminary that you are meant to be. 

  • Dynamic Verbal Communication
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Positive Body Language
  • Developing Penetrative Eye Contact
  • Developing a  Leadership Style
  • Making a statement without speaking
  • Being a Mentor
  • Staying Motivated
  • Elevating Efficiency
  • Weeding out Negativity
  • Walking the Walk
  • Organization Priority
  • and ...Much More



Shift your mindset and focus on the 4 stages of awareness that will instill self discipline, self confidence, 360 awareness and pin point focus. Walk with assuredness and learn to adapt and overcome in any situation. Gain a fighting spirit and learn to face your fears transforming negativity to positivity. Mastering this element will send you on the path to a more confident presence and  calmer-sharper mind.

  • Breath Control
  • Meditation
  • QuiGong 
  • Self Discipline Training
  • Tactics for destroying your Fears
  • Achieving State of No Mind
  • Visualization
  • Pin Point Focus Tactics
  • and…Much More




  • Bi-Weekly Step by Step Virtual Training Sessions
  • Warrior Hack Wednesday ( Warrior-Hacks: DIY powerful micro elements that can be applied daily and which yield specific results which are geared for warrior minded men).
  • 8 Week Mindshift Paradigm Protocol 
  • 100 Day Warriorbreed Combat Fitness Plan 
  • Monthly Webinar
  • Man of War Special Motivational Documentaries.
  • Access to the Man of War Closed Doors FB group
  • Assembly of Warriors discount 10% upon selection.
  • Q&A Session with me and/or special guest
  • Man of War / Warriorbreed Apparel Discount 15%

Bi-Weekly Virtual Training Sessions

WARDEV Closed Group

Live Webinars 


Warriorbreed offers Coaching and Mentoring for individuals that prefer a one on one approach. Coaching sessions are conducted face to face at the Conde Combat Arts Training Center or through Zoom and Skype for long distance students. For more information and pricing please contact us.

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